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Australia Currently Suffering from Shortage of Cybersecurity Skills

A recent study by Intel Security has found that 88% of Australian participants reported a shortage of cybersecurity skills in their companies, compared to an average of 82% in the other countries surveyed.

The scarcest skills in Australian company’s cybersecurity professionals were technical skills in successful software development in Perth (81%), technical skills for intrusion detection (87%) and skills in attack migration (76%).

Andy Hurren is the solution architect for Intel Security, and he said that this shortage of skills is having a big impact on businesses throughout Australia. Half of the businesses he spoke to admitted to feeling exposed to hackers, and a third of them had already been victim to cyber attacks (losing data during the attack).

44% of businesses surveyed said they felt they were a target for hackers due to their limited cyber security, and almost a third (27%) said they have already lost proprietary data. Want to make sure that no one can get their hands on your data? We can help you with your software security needs. Get in touch with DBS IT AUSTRALIA today and learn how we can block hackers, viruses and more from gaining access to your systems.