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Female Software Developers Succeeding in Male-Dominated Industry

In Australia, IT has increasingly been male-dominated, with far more male software developers in Perth and throughout the country. However many women are succeeding in software development and tech roles in Australia, and with International Women’s Day highlighting the disparity between the sexes, the theme “pledge for parity” is relevant to many different industries in Australia.

Unfortunately, the last few decades has seen a downwards trend when it comes to women graduating university with computing or IT related degrees. While the number of male graduates has also dropped, there has still been a bigger decrease in the number of women graduating with these degrees, while the percentage of female graduates continues to increase.

Johana Foste, a third-year software engineering student, found it confronting to see the number of men in her course compared to women, and she ended up deferring her studies because of it. She managed to complete her degree and is now an intern at a software development firm.

While at RMIT, Ms Foster noticed that she wasn’t the only woman feeling outnumbered by men and she formed the Society for Women in Information Technology (SWITCH) with a number of other women. The group supports and encourages women to stick with their studies in tech, and shows younger women that people are actively committed to bringing about change.

One thing is certain, the industry can only benefit from talented people of both sexes, as we see how technology continues to change our day to day lives.

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