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Agile Australia 2015 Focusing on Software Development

Over the past two days (the 17th and 18th of June 2015), the Agile Australia conference has been running in Sydney. Agile Australia has been running since 2009, and over 250 of the leading organisations in Australia made an appearance.

Linda Rising works in organisational change, and spoke about the Agile community. She said that most important software development topics will continue to influence the way that the world behaves. What we’re learning about Agile, and how to apply continuous and lean approaches is beginning to be applied in business.

By capturing the best ideas we can better share our knowledge, moving towards a more understanding and improved communication and better idea-sharing.

Nigel Dalton is known as “Australia’s godfather of Agile” and also spoke about the conference. He said that seven years ago he was arguing about whether Australia would be looking for product managers or engineers, and marvelling at the fact that less than a quarter of attendees were doing or attempting agile.

Both Linda and Nigel were keynote speakers at the conference, which provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about the software development industry, and expectations for the future.