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How not to Hire a Software Developer in Perth

Hiring a software developer can be a stressful process. Of course you want someone with the right skills and experience, but you also don’t want to break the bank, especially if you have a small business or startup.

It’s easy to get frustrated and make an impulse decision, or worse, take so long looking for a developer that deadlines fail to be met. Here are some things you shouldn’t do if you’re looking to hire software developers in Perth:

Use a Technical Recruiter
Many companies will use a technical recruiter to find their software developers. The problem with this is that the recruiters job is solely to match a developer with a company, and they often won’t take the time to find the best fit for both parties.

Cut corners based on price
While it’s important that your developer provide you with cost effective solutions, hiring solely on price can be costly in the long run. The fact is, choosing the cheapest developer may not be the best option, as they’re often the cheapest for a reason and you may end up having to hire someone else to clean up after them. The best developers are highly skilled, experienced, and charge professional rates.

Fail to do your homework
Before hiring a software developer, or software development company, ask around and see if anyone has worked with them before. Read reviews online, and see if they have an online presence like a blog or company website. A company that has a small online presence, no reputation, and bad reviews should send up immediate flags.

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