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How Perth Software Development Can Lead to Tighter Security

We all know that digital transformation and the internet has made life much more productive and convenient, but technology also offers wide-ranging threats to cyber security for businesses. From stealing customer’s bank account or credit card details, to hacking public utilities, these threats surround most companies.

This means that security is a top issue for most businesses, software developers, CIOs and CTOs. However, choosing a Perth software development company which takes security seriously can greatly reduce the risk of cyberhackers getting their hands on your data.

So how do you know if you’ve chosen a Perth software development company that will ensure you have the best possible security for your software? Take some time to find out just how they plan to keep your information and data safe. Software security testing for flaws and vulnerabilities in the code should always be the company’s best practice, regardless of the size of the business the software is being developed for.

As long as software developers have a security mindset, and focus on testing, quality, and code review. your data will remain safe and your software will be secure.