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How to Choose the Best Software Development Company for your Needs

Choosing a software development company in Perth can be tricky, and the right company for your business may be completely different to what you had anticipated, or the type of company that you’ve used before. If you need to choose a software company, here are some things to consider:

Are you looking for a small or large company?

Smaller companies can often be more responsive, and you may enjoy a more informal feel, and a closer working environment between team members. However larger companies can sometimes have more skills and experience and could also be more cross-functional.

Do you need specialised service?

Some software development companies have more experience in different industries, or could be particularly good at developing a certain type of software. A good example of this is a company which is experienced in building e-commerce sites, or one which works within a particular industry such as banking or retail.

Have you checked for testimonials? The best companies will have plenty of testimonials and reviews, and won’t be shy about showing them off. Always ask about testimonials so you can see what other businesses have to say about their services.

Do they provide responsive solutions?

If a software development company doesn’t provide their customers with responsive and mobile-friendly software solutions in 2015, you should take this as a huge red flag.