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How to Find a Software Development Company in Perth

Finding the right software development company can often seem like a daunting task. If you choose correctly, the company could produce custom software or IT solutions that revolutionise the way you do business, streamline the way your company works, and make life easier for your staff.

However if you make hasty decision, you may face emails that are never answered, projects which are never completed, shoddy work, and little to no after-sale support.

The ideal software development company is reliable, experienced, customer-orientated, and good at problem solving. They should have worked with both small and large businesses in a wide range of sectors, and should also be able to show you testimonials from happy customers.

Here are a few things you should consider when looking for a software development company:

Their technical expertise
When it comes down to it, software development is about technology, and it’s critical that the company you use is experienced in creating software for a variety of operating systems.

Their portfolio
A company which has worked on many different projects will have a methodology which ensures that they successfully complete each project, and will be less likely to stall progress due to teething problems and glitches.

Their quality
Almost anyone can develop software, and you’re paying for the best software for your needs. The code shouldn’t be buggy, it shouldn’t eat all of your resources, and the code should also be as lean as possible.

Their support
The software development company should offer support in terms of both training, and fixing the software in the event that anything goes wrong.

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