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New Software may put a Stop to Ransomware

Scientists from the University of Florida may have professionally developed software that can completely end the problem of ransomware for good.

Ransomware is a problem for people around the world, and it encrypts user’s computer files, giving the information to hackers who won’t free the content without payment.

The solution is called CryptoDrop, and it manages to detect the malware, stopping it after it had only managed to encrypt just a few files. The software is an “early-warning system,” according to Nolen Scaife, a PHD student who worked on the project.

While the solution doesn’t prevent the ransomware from getting started, it stops it from completing its task-meaning users would only lose a couple of documents or pictures instead of everything on your hard drive. This means that people who have their computers targeted will no longer need to pay the ransom.

Educational institutions, hospitals, banks, large companies and even governments have been victims of such attacks in the past.

While there are new versions of ransomware being written constantly, and hackers will definitely take the time to understand and dissect the new solution, this is good news for the fight against hackers around the world.