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The 5 Stages of Custom Software Development in Perth

For businesses planning to use custom software development to streamline processes and improve customer service, it can be useful to understand how the custom software development process works. This will allow you to work well with your developer and ensure you’re on board every step of the way.

Here are the 5 stages of custom software development:

The first part of any project begins with research. This is when you let your Perth custom software development company know what it is that you’re hoping to change or improve in your business. Once your expectations have been established, we then evaluate which technology will be required to meet these needs.

Once your expectations and needs are understood, and the technical aspects have been researched, it’s time for the creative process to begin. This is when developers are getting their ideas churning, analysing these ideas and combining them to create the best possible solution.

Once all ideas have been chosen, it’s time for the front-end design process. Rough concepts are created that allow developers to test the various workflows and structures for each solution.

Now that the design process if complete, it’s time for the development process which involves selecting the best server language and producing a model or the planned database.

Now that the product is developed and has been approved, the testing stage begins. The Perth custom software development company you choose will be checking if the solution meets your requirements, and following up to fix any bugs.