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The Future of Custom Software Development in Perth

In the last ten years, custom software development has made huge strides. In fact many apps and types of software that are available now could scarcely have been imagined just a few years ago.

While it’s now no big deal to carry around a smart phone, those who used the first briefcase-sized mobile phones are naturally impressed when they see that you can now use these phones to scan barcodes, check in for flights, and make purchases online.

With so many development companies in the game, we have to wonder what custom software development will look like in the future. This is an exciting time, with technology growing faster than it has at any time in the recent past.

Mobile development can be expected to grow even more over the next couple of years, as workplaces realise that employees use their personal devices for work related activities, and their work devices for social and entertainment purposes. Bringing your own device to work is slowly becoming accepted, and even expected in some companies.

Employees are also currently using different devices for different things, and we can expect that users will be able to engage with software using multiple devices in the future.

Software development used to be extremely time consuming and expensive, and it was a shot in the dark as to whether your developer would be able to do it effectively. However these days software development tools have improved significantly, and developers are now fluent in many different programming languages, so many different organisations can now build custom applications.

Most importantly, its now easy to see that the future of software will be custom designed, and made for purpose, with less and less companies opting for off-the-shelf solutions.

This customisation is great news for businesses, and allows each company to find solutions which suit their needs. If you’re looking for custom software development in Perth, contact DBSIT, who are experts at offering cost-effective custom solutions for both large and small businesses.