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Want Great Software? Check out the Company Culture

Leading software companies should be able to not only create great products but also focus on innovation. That means that these companies need to have top-notch, experienced developers, and a determination to produce innovative solutions.

There’s a reason why more than 2 million people apply for a job at Google each year, and a big part of that is due to the company’s positive culture, with developers around the world ranking company culture as their top priority- even behind work-life balance and ideal salary.

Dedicated Onsite Software developers want the freedom and flexibility to innovate, and will often seek jobs with firms that attract other smart people and give employees the freedom to create.

Company culture is about more than an early knockoff each Friday and a beer fridge in the kitchen, and includes flexible hours, high-quality colleagues, the chance to work on significant projects, remote working opportunities, the possibility for advancement, and the ability to make decisions.

The culture of a software company will also have huge implications on the level of software that customers receive, and often, the type of customer service that they experience. When a custom software development company is full of employees who are encouraged to think outside of the box to find unique solutions for each project, and enjoy their jobs, everyone benefits- including customers, managers, and the employees themselves.

Before choosing a software company, take a look at some reviews online. Ask about some of the projects the team have completed in the past, and consider the attitude of the developers involved. At DBS IT, we have a culture to be proud of, and we’d love for you to come and see. Get in touch today to learn more.