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What’s New in Software Development this year?

The software development industry is changing around the world, and a recent poll of more than 120 developers has revealed some interesting information.

Javascript is now the biggest primary language for developers, followed by Java and Python. When it comes to remote work, the custom software development industry is leading the pack, with 74% allowing developers to work remotely.

The biggest challenge facing the industry is talent acquisition. The shortage of developers means that they have their pick of jobs, which makes it more important than ever for software development companies to retain great staff.

We can expect to see the most innovative software development companies beginning to use software intelligence tools in the near future. This allows them to resolve issues that are directly affecting their customers.

These tools allow developers to easily and automatically detect if a user had a poor experience, see how they can improve it, and receive full diagnostic details. Software intelligence will allow software developers to gain an even deeper insight into software health.

These processes and tools allow developers to become increasingly efficient as they embrace innovation. And customers will enjoy more cost-efficient software, faster development times, and better customers service.

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