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When Bad Code Attacks Good Software Developers

No matter how good a software developer is at his or her job, at some stage in their career they have inevitably written a bad line of code. Maybe they’ve unwittingly created a security flaw, misaligned UI elements, or still can’t figure out what went wrong.

The answer? Testing, testing, testing.

By simulating failure in as many unpredictable ways as possible, software developers can create the worst possible scenarios under strict conditions, so that they happen in the office and not at 3A.M.

The best software developers have done terrible things to their code. They’ve broken their UI, turned their code into a dog’s breakfast, and then fixed it. This is what makes excellent software developers at DBSIT stand out from mediocre ones, as they have a good working knowledge against all of the most common mistakes, It also means they’re less likely to keep making these mistakes in the future.

In order to fix bugs, developers need to understand their code. this means enumerating and validating their assumptions, and even building debugging tools if they need to.

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