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Who Are Today’s Software Developers?

Some of the things many people think they know about software developers may not be true. For example, many people assume that the best way to get great code written quickly is to put a group of software developers in a room together, and feed them pizza and beer all night.

It turns out this isn’t true. According to a new survey, the 2017 State of the Modern Developer, 48% of developers are the most productive between 8am and 12pm. 21% say they’re at their best between 12pm and 4pm, while 5% say they do their best work from 8pm to midnight. And contrary to popular belief, most software developers aren’t night owls. Only 8% say they work best between 12am and 4am.

While startups were King in the past, this is no longer the case. According to this survey, the majority of developers would like to work for Apple, Facebook, or Google.
The most popular language for programming? 38% of respondents said they prefer C++, while 35% said they like Python.

Only 9% of those surveyed said they want to work in the financial industry, with top technology shops continuing to be a dream job for most developers. The majority of developers are motivated by location and money, and also prefer to have time to work on passion projects or find innovative solutions to client’s problems.

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