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Why a Perth Software Development Company is Still the Right Choice

If you’ve been debating between custom software development, and a company based overseas, hiring locally is likely to get you better results.

India is one of the most popular countries for software development outsourcing. However, a new study by Aspiring Minds has revealed that choosing software development in Perth may be the better choice.

More than 36,000 engineering students studying IT in more than 500 Indian colleges took the automated test, which uses machine learning.

Only 4.77% were found to be employable as software developers. Two-thirds of the students tested were unable to write compliant code. So why were 95% of these developers found unemployable? The problem is that many colleges colleges are churning out out students. And many of the teachers at these colleges have never actually worked for an IT company before.

These universities will need to immediately look into this problem and tackle the lack of programming skills. Right now, these developers will be unable to meet future demands for skills such as robotics, IoT, big data, and artificial intelligence.

If you need software development in Perth, choose a company with a proven track record for writing code that’s readable, extensible, readable, and less prone to bugs.

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