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Will Software Development Become Automated in the Future?

With automation hitting almost every industry in some way, you may be wondering if software development in Perth and elsewhere will eventually become automated.

While it’s likely that a small portion of the industry may become automated (and therefore obsolete), this will be the elements that are repetitive and able to be bundled together to increase the efficiency and optimise the workload software development companies.

Keep in mind that the software development industry won’t be going anywhere. Sure, some monotonous tasks may be automated, but there will always be plenty of innovation needed, particularly for custom software development.

While many businesses are looking for a software development company in Perth and throughout Australia, we can also expect new hardware in smart homes to require custom development. This can extend to robots, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Even in a world with thousands of components and tools handling much of the software development work, there will still be a need for millions of software developers to support and integrate those systems.

While automation is likely to be one of the biggest disrupters we’ve seen in every single industry, software development in Perth and around the world will still require experienced, human developers to provide forward-thinking solutions. If you’re looking for a software development in Perth, get in touch today to learn how we can help.