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The 4 Best Practices of Responsive Web Design & Software Development

Mobile users should have the same experience as desktop visitors
In the US alone, more than 20% of all traffic comes from mobile users. This means that if someone visits your website while using a tablet or mobile phone, they should be able to view all images and text easily, and everything should reconfigure according to the size of the screen.

Project plans should be detailed but flexible
Those working in software development need to understand that requirements are dynamic, and clients may change their mind about their ideas as the project unfolds. Some web design ideas may be hard or impossible to implement, so software developers must also be open to trying new things and able to think outside the box.

Developers should understand software security
It’s critical that your software developer understands the tenants of basic software security. This includes confidentiality, integrity, availability, authentication, authorisation, and auditing. When the project is finished, clients should understand who owns all rights and licences to the software, and they should also be able to rest assured that any information related to their business is kept confidential the entire time.

Software Quality should be verified before it is released
This means the software must have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that there are no problems, since software problems are sometimes 100 times more expensive to find and repair after the software has already been deployed. The software should have been tested for performance, reliability, and functionality, and it should meet all the needs of the client and their customers.

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