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The Advantages of choosing a local Software Development Company

Australians who need help with software development have two choices:
Choose a local, Australian company, or outsource their needs to companies operating predominantly out of India and Southeast Asia.

There are of course, benefits to choosing the later. With much lower overheads and costs of living, many foreign companies can indeed do the job for a cheaper price.
But Australian software development companies have many advantages over those located overseas:

Quality Control
While there are certainly excellent software development companies operating in Southeast Asia and India, it’s impossible to know the type of quality you’ll receive until the project is finished.
When you’re dealing with an Australian company, you can easily check references and reviews, and arrange to speak to their previous clients.

Fewer Logistical Challenges
Before looking abroad for a software development company, it’s important to think about the logistical side of things. This includes potential time differences, which can force you to spend a lot of time emailing back and forth.
Working with a local software developer means you can easily pick up a phone or arrange a Skype conference, quickly answering any key questions and immediately addressing any concerns or changes.

Covered by Australian Law
Using an Australian company means that both parties are subject to Australian laws, contracts are easily understood, and everybody is held accountable.
If you choose an overseas firm, it’s important to have a lawyer look over your contract, as they can often be one-sided and hard to understand.
It’s also crucial to have a backup plan in case anything goes wrong, since trying to enforce a contract with an overseas company can be extremely expensive and time consuming.
If you’re currently living in Australia and looking for help with your development needs, DBSIT are available for software development in Perth and for businesses located throughout Australia. Simply pick up the phone or send us an email to learn more about what DBSIT can do for you.