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Useful Software Development Checklist

If you’re thinking about using a software development company to work on a project for your business, there are a few things you need to check to ensure that your project is being monitored and measured sufficiently.

Before starting your project, consider using a checklist, which will give you a proactive tool to help systematically manage the software development process.

It’s important that your budget aligns with the goals of your business. This should be made clear from the beginning, so that your software development company knows exactly what they’re working with and can plan accordingly.

Objectives and Goals
A business must have clear objectives and goals, as well as benchmarks that they want to achieve. Without setting clear goals, there is no way to monitor if progress is being made.

How do you want your website or software to look? Will it be minimalistic and modern, or vibrant and fun? When thinking about web design, you also need to take the user experience into account, and ensure that the site is easily navigated, and your message is clearly displayed.

Target Audience
Before starting a big project, it’s crucial that you can identify your target audience. How old are they? What are their interests? And what’s important to them? Without keeping your target audience in mind, you risk developing software that won’t meet the needs of potential users.

Licensing and Intellectual Property Rights
Before starting work, you need to clarify who owns the rights and licence for the software. Also ensure that you ask what sub-licensing rights you will need, and if any other third party licenses are required.

If you’re looking for software development in Perth, consider using DBSIT, who will ensure that all of the above points are discussed in your initial consultation. You can rest assured that every point on your checklist will be ticked off, and you’ll be constantly kept in the loop from the beginning of the project to the end.