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Project Management Methods for Software Development

There are many different management methods available for software development, and these methods have come a long way in the last few years. Before deciding on the right fit for your business, you need to know what a software development management method actually is.

A software development management method is a framework used throughout the development process. It is used to structure and control the software development, and instead of focusing on the technical aspects of the development, it focuses on how the developers will get to the end product.

It’s important to note that a “one size fits all” approach is not ideal as each development method has unique strengths and weaknesses that will impact the end result. The first methodology wasn’t even really a methodology at all, and is known as the “ad hoc” method. Basically the project begins without much planning, and problems are dealt with as they arise. Obviously this is not ideal, as it is open to miscommunication, constantly changing requirements, and inexperienced developers.

Two examples of more commonly used methods include either a sequential or agile management approach.

The waterfall model is a good example of a sequential development method, and the project is divided into different phases, each of which need to be completed before the next phase is started. This is a fairly rigid method, and is dependent on everything going to plan, which in a large project is unlikely as requirements will change and problems will naturally arise along the way.

Agile management methods focus more on customer satisfaction and communication throughout the development process. Testing is also often done along with the coding, instead of just at specific intervals, and projects are often more likely to finish within budget.

Clients are not expected to know the pros and cons of each method, and instead should be able to leave that to the software developer. For software development in Perth, you need a development company that can evaluate your goals and choose the right approach depending on your expected outcomes. At DBSIT we understand that the correct software development management method for each project will depend entirely on our customers’ needs and expectations. Give us a call today for more information.